Duurzaam Kempen Soundbite

Here’s a soundbite from my lecture at ‘Duurzaam Kempen’ Geel, Belgium
The event was about sustainable transition community’s and re-envisioning the use of public space; that’s where I came in…

featured on KSAT Youth Rebellion, La Tele Libre

snippet of my talk at the KSAT YOUTH REBELLION exhibition at Post Office, Rotterdam

Rainbow Zebra

Rainbow Zebra game, teams colour their part of the zebracrossing until a car comes along. That’s when they run to the next zebracrossing. First team to complete their colour on all crossings, wins.

rainbow zebra

rainbow zebra






The Playful Revolution goes to Geel, Belgium.
Cultural Centre ‘De Werft’ has curated this inspiring afternoon with an information market, workshops and theatre. The speakers will elaborate on the themes of sustainability and transition, in their own way. How can playfulness and game design contribute to a better society? come find out! Free entry

more info: www.duurzamekempen.be


Playful Arts 2014: Urban Hacking workshop with Abner Preis

Playful Arts festival, Den Bosch, was a hit! such great games, project and like-minded playful people. Hosted by Zuraida Buter (zo-ii) and Iris Peters from bART/DW

An impression of the Urban Hacking workshop, hosted by Playful Revolution and Abner Preis.


Playful Revolution teaches Playfulness as a foreign language

I was in Klaten, Indonesia, to teach English as a foreign language. My host at the private school I was teaching at was inspired by my stories about the Playful Revolution, she invited me to host a workshop at the public school where she was teaching English. Continue Reading →