Playful Revolution goes KSAT YOUTH REBELLION – December 14th

Posted on 31/10/2013

I was in Rotterdam last week to meet fellow artist participating in the exhibition and publication YOUTH REBELLION hosted by KSAT (france).
We will collaborate in a group publication and exhibition coming Decemeber 14th, at Post-Office, Rotterdam. Come find us!

KSAT Workshop – Artbook & Rebellion

KSAT is a team of international artists. We gather around a theme in order to create a collective artwork in the shape of a book. The new cycle of 2013-2014 will be about Rebellion.

What we are going to do : We are going to brainstorm and exchange ideas about the book as an art form. We are going to discuss about the theme we’re working on that is “Rebellion in the youth”. We are going to think of an artbook that could be designed to fit the theme “Rebellion in the youth”.

The KSAT team organizes “open workshop nights” and everyone that wants to bring input or participate or meet and have fun can join.

The whole group will be reunited again on December 13th-21st, to organise an exhibition and present the outcome of the project with artworks and the collective artbook.

Here are the participating artists : – Gabriella Hirst – Kazuma Eekman – Marilou Klapwijk – Roos Pollmann – Lotte van Geijn – Begane Grond Sue Van Geijn, Nora van der Steeg, Lisa Thissen – Iris Schuttevaar – Sylvan Steenhuis – Martina Margini – Thibault Pomares – Yasmine Tashk