Push The Button

Posted on 26/11/2012

Holland is a Cyclist country. People cycle all the time everywhere.
Everyone should be familiar with the concept of the traffic-light. An automated traffic-warden signalling members of traffic where to go.
Now waiting is one of the things I enjoy the least in my life.  As traffic light, especially red ones, facilitate waiting they tend to be not-so-fun. There used to be a glimpse of joy while waiting for a traffic light: the joy of pushing a button.
Buttons are awesome.
Yet, I remember, even as a kid, doubting the actual influence this button had on the traffic situation. Short answer: none. In our modern times traffic intersections are fully automated to provide cars a smooth ride which helps bring down carbon emission  which is good. But us carbon-neutral cyclist are left behind!
So, the story continues, the government decided to take away all the poles with buttons on them, since they are now obsolete. Apparently cyclists, like me, felt something was missing.  After a while these stroke-and-wait poles started turning up, where you stroke the pole and a sign saying ‘wait for the green light’ shows. Seriously government? This is what you’re buying me?

I came up with a a better idea…
Obviously, it does nothing, put it puts the joy back in waiting, and it shows the ridiculousness of the current ‘solution’.